Dryer Vent Cleaning for Businesses

The Benefits of Keeping Your Dryer Vents Clean

According to the National Fire Protection agency (NFPA), more than 16,800 structural fires involving clothes dryers were reported in 2010 alone. This resulted in more than one hundred million dollars in property loss, dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries—all of which could have been prevented. Professional dryer vent cleaning is essential to maintaining a safe environment for your business.

When you hire the professionals at Chronister Enterprises, we can remove lint and debris from all areas of your dryer’s venting system by utilizing special tools and cleaning equipment. Depending on how often you use your commercial dryer, you may need to schedule dryer vent inspections and cleanings as often as once a month – but at the very least, annually. Call us today to schedule your first service!

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Why do I need to clean my dryer vent?

Although you may clean the lint trap on your commercial dryer regularly, this only accounts for 25% of the lint that accumulates in your appliance. The rest builds up in your dryer vent system. This not only restricts airflow, hiking up your energy bills each month, but also leaves you at risk for a fire.

Other reasons why you need a dryer vent cleaning:

  • Your dryer is taking much longer to dry clothes or towels
  • Your clothes are hotter than normal when they’re done drying
  • Your outdoor flap doesn’t open when your dryer is on
  • You have experienced a steady increase in your energy bills
  • You want to extend the life of your commercial appliance

Leave This Job Up to the Experts at Chronister Enterprises

Although you will be able to clean some areas of your dryer vent yourself, you should call in the help of an experienced professional to ensure that all hard-to-reach areas are also being maintained. When you work with the experts at Chronister Enterprises, we can clean the pipes running through your walls and ceilings.

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