Upfront, Flat Rate Pricing

You Pay by the Job—or by the Hour

Tired of paying exorbitant fees to appliance repair companies to get your home back in working order? If so, we encourage you to get the help of Chronister Enterprises® as soon as possible. We know the frustration of paying your technician for a job that drags on way too long and then being forced to pay even worse fees if it stretches into overtime. With Chronister Enterprises, that never needs to be one of your concerns.

We are proud to offer flat rate, upfront pricing options or hourly rates. Instead of charging by the job, we charge you one flat rate for the job itself. Hourly rates always available for customers.

That means you will never need to be surprised by your final bill.

Take advantage of the Chronister Enterprises difference today! Give us a call to schedule your next service.